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Impact of World War I on Indian Freedom Movement


  1. In which year was the Lucknow Pact signed between Hindus and Muslims?


  1. What treaty was signed after Turkey lost the First World War?

Treaty of Sevres

  1. Dr. Annie Besant belonged to which country?


  1. When did Annie Besant came to India?


  1. Where is the college founded by Annie Besant located?

 Central Hindu College, Banaras

  1. When was Banaras Central Hindu College upgraded as Banaras Central University?


  1. By whom was Banaras Hindu University developed?

Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya

  1. When did Annie Besant become the global president of the Theosophical Society after the death of H.S. Olcott?


  1. Where was the headquarters of the Theosophical Society located?

Chennai Adyar

  1. Who were the supporters of Annie Besant?

Jamnadas Dwarkadas, George Arundale, Shankarlal Bhanker, Indulal Yagnik, C.P. Ramaswamy, B.B. Wadia

  1. In which year did Britain announced its entry in First World War I?


  1. Which weekly magazine was started by Annie Besant?

The Commonweal

  1. What year was The Commonweal launched?


  1. When did Annie Besant publish a book titled “How India Wrought for Freedom”?


  1. Who said, ‘The moment of England’s difficulty is the moment of India’s opportunity’?

Annie Besant

  1. In which parliament did Annie Besant try and fail to establish an Indian party union?

 Parliament of Britain

  1. When did Annie Besant start a daily newspaper called New India?

 1915 July 14

  1. Where did She revealed her concept of self-rule in a speech?


  1. Who said that “I mean by self-government that the country shall have a government by councils, elected by the people, and responsible to the House”?

 Annie Besant

  1. When did Annie Besant made a formal declaration that she would start the Home Rule League Movement for India?

 September 28, 1915

  1. When and where did the party suitably altered the constitution of the Congress party to admit the members from the extremist section at the initiative of Tilak and Annie Besant?

 1915 Bombay Congress Session

  1. At the Bombay session of the Congress, Annie Besant insisted on the Congress taking up the Home Rule League programme before?


  1. Under whose leadership were the Home Rule Movements started?

one under Tilak and the other under Besant.

  1. When was the Home Rule Movement started?


  1. When was Tilak’s Home Rule Movement founded?


  1. Where was Tilaks Home Rule Movement founded at the Bombay Provincial Conference held at?


  1. In which areas did Tilak’s Home Rule Movement to work?

 Bombay, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Central Provinces & Berar

  1. How many branches were allotted to Tilak’s Home Rule Movement?

Six branches

  1. Under whose leadership did the Home Rule Movement function in the rest of India?

Annie Besant

  1. When was Tilak arrested for propagating the principles of Home Rule?

July 23, 1916 on his 60th birthday.

  1. When and where did Annie Besant start the Home Rule Movement?

 1916 September,Madras

  1. Who declared that “the price of India’s loyalty is India’s Freedom”.?

Annie Besant

  1. When was Annie Besant and her associates B.P.Wadia and George Arundale imprisoned in Ootacamund for political reasons?

June 1917

  1. Who renounced her royal title knighthood in favour of Annie Besant after her arrest?

 Sir S. Subramaniam

  1. When did Tilak Tilak advocated the use of civil disobedience if the leaders of the Home Rule Movement were not released?

July 28, 1917

  1. Who declared ‘self-governing institutions and responsible government’ was the goal of the British rule in India on August 20, 1917?


  1. When was Annie Besant elected President of the Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress?


  1. Who is the author of the book “Indian Unrest”?

Valentine Chirol

  1. When did Tilak go to Britain to pursue the libel case that he had filed against Valentine Chiroli?

September 1918

  1. To seek the support of the members of the British Parliament The Indian Home Rule League was renamed as?

Commonwealth of India League

  1. How was the Commonwealth of India League renamed by V.K Krishna Menon?

Indian League

  1. When was the name of the Commonwealth of India League renamed as Indian League changed?


  1. In which year did the British passed the Minto–Morley Reforms?


  1. When did the Congress, the Muslim League and the Home Rule Movement hold their conferences in Lucknow?


  1. When was the Association of Pacific Coast Hindustan Association founded?


  1. Pacific Coast Hindustan Association was founded by whom?

Lala HarDayal

  1. Under whose leadership was the Pacific Coast Hindustan Association founded in 1913?

 Sohan Singh Bhakna

  1. What party is Pacific Hindustan called?

Ghadar Party

  1. What does Ghadar means in Urdu?


  1. What is the name of the journal published by the Ghadar Party?


  1. When did Ghadar journal come out in San Francisco?

November 1, 1913

  1. From where did the ship named Komagatamaru return to India?


  1. What agreement paved the way for Hindu-Muslim unity and the freedom movement?

Lucknow Pact

  1. Who was the chief architect of the Lucknow Pact?


  1. Who called Jinnah an “The Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity”?

 Sarojini Madam

  1. Who created Criminal Intelligence Department (CID)?

 Lord Curzon

  1. When did Lord Curzon create Criminal Intelligence Department (CID)?


  1. In which year was the The Newspapers (Incitement to Offences) Act passed?


  1. When was the Explosives Substances Act enacted?


  1. When was the Indian Press Act enacted?


  1. When was the Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act passed?


  1. When was the Foreigners Ordinance, was promulgated which restricted the entry of foreigners , enacted?


  1. What law was used during the trial of the First Lahore Conspiracy trial?

The Defence of India Act

  1. Who started the Khilafat Movement?

Maulana Mohammad Ali, Maulana Shaukat Ali

  1. What was the purpose of the Khilafat Movement?

It aim was to the support the Ottoman Empire and protest against the British rule in India

  1. When did The demands of the Khilafat Movement were presented by Mohammad Ali to the diplomats in Paris?


  1. Gandhi had been honoured with gold medal for his humanitarian work in South Africa named?


  1. What award was given to Gandhiji in 1906 for his services as an officer of the Indian volunteer ambulance corps?

Zulu War Silver Medal

  1. What award was given to Gandhi for his services as assistant superintendent of the Indian volunteer stretcher-bearer corps during Boer War of 1899–1900?

 Boer War Silver Medal

  1. What word did Muslims in Uttar Pradesh used it as a symbol of general revolt against authority, while the Mappillais of Malabar converted it into a banner of antilandlord revolt?

The Urdu word khilaf (against)

  1. In which year was the success of the Bolshevik Revolution achieved?


  1. In which year was the first trade union, Madras Labour Union formed?


  1. By whom was the Madras Labour Union started for the first time?

B.p. Wadia

  1. What was the first union formed in 1918?

Madras Labour Union

  1. When was the All India Trade Union Congress founded?

October 30, 1920

  1. Under whose leadership the All India Trade Union Congress was formed in 1920?

Lala Lajpat Rai

  1. When did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre happen?

April 1919  

TNPSC TNSCERT HISTORY NOTES | 12TH HISTORY | Impact of World War I on Indian Freedom Movement

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